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Backflow Prevention and Testing in Portland

Periodic testing of backflow prevention devices is an integral piece to the cleanliness of your water supply and your family’s health and wellbeing. Our Expert plumbers in Portland can deliver seamless backflow device installation, maintenance, and rigorous testing.

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Wastewater that enters your potable water supply is known as backflow. Often contaminated with waste materials, bacteria, chemical residue, or other pollutants, it’s quick to understand why it poses a serious risk to health and safety.

Your plumbing has cross connections where potable and non-potable water intersect. A sudden flux in water pressure often causes the flow of used, non-potable water to reverse into the fresh-water pipes. Testing and prevention of backflow is vital to feeling secure with the statue of your water supply. You can trust our Expert backflow tests to help keep you safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tips for When Your Backflow Device Should Get Looked At

  • Air Gaps (AG) need to be inspected at intervals not exceeding one (1) year to ensure that they continue to meet applicable guidelines.
  • Double Check Valve Backflow Prevention Assembly (DC) should be tested at intervals not exceeding one (1) year to ensure that both check valves hold pressure at 2.0 or greater under all pressure differentials.
  • Double Check Detector Backflow Prevention Assembly (DCDA) is recommended to be tested at intervals not exceeding one (1) year to ensure that both check valves hold pressure and do not leak under all pressure differentials.
  • Pressure Vacuum Breakers (PVB) should be tested at intervals not to exceed six (6) months—once a year, if installed on an irrigation system—to ensure that the air inlet opens fully under water pressure and the check valve stays closed under pressure.

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