Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention in Portland

Pine State Services Protects Your Water Supply

When water is unintentionally reversed in your pipes, this process is known as backflow. This usually occurs because of a power outage, or some natural disaster that interrupts the flow of your water. In a worst-case scenario, backflow can contaminate your water supply, making all the water unsafe to drink or use in any way. Because of this, it is extremely important for the well-being of your plumbing system, your property, and your family to deal with backflow issues ASAP.

Here at Pine State Services, we offer backflow prevention in Portland designed to keep your whole home safe. Wastewater is a huge health hazard for anyone who comes in contact with it, so we take our responsibility to stop backflow extremely seriously. Call now for same-day service, and let our highly trained plumbers ensure your water supply is protected.

To schedule an appointment for backflow prevention and testing throughout Cumberland and York Counties, dial (207) 747-1210

The Benefits of Backflow Prevention & Testing

When you call Pine State for Portland backflow prevention, we will install a valve flap designed to move with the flow of water. As soon as the flow of the water in your plumbing system is reversed, this device will block the pipe, preventing contaminants from entering your potable water supply. If you are unsure of whether you have a backflow valve flap, call us right away, since there is no reason not to install one of these safety devices in your system.

Pine State Services also provides Portland backflow testing that can quickly determine if any contamination has taken place in your water. Our experts know how to examine, clean, and reassemble backflow devices, so your home is always ready in case of an emergency. If we do find that your water is contaminated, we will thoroughly and quickly flush out your plumbing system, so it is safe to use again before you know it.

The Difference Between Backflow & Back-Ups

If you have been a homeowner for long enough, there is a good chance you have heard a plumber use the term “back-up” before. However, it is important to clarify that this is different than backflow. A back-up refers to any amount of standing water that has literally backed up out of your drains. However, when wastewater actually starts seeping into your home through the sink, toilet, or shower drains, this is a result of backflow. Both back-ups and backflow are nasty problems to have, but while it is less common, backflow poses a greater risk of flooding your property with wastewater.

If backflow occurs on your property, your water may be contaminated with:

  • Feces
  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Other hazardous pollutants

Pine State Services Knows How to Prevent Backflow

When you have Pine State Services on your side, you’ll never have to worry about backflow affecting your home. With our special coupons and service agreements, you’re sure to get a great deal no matter what. We offer two-year parts and labor warranties on all installations, not to mention free second opinions. And with 24-hour emergency appointments, you’ll never have to worry about plumbing disasters ever again. Call to schedule backflow prevention service in Portland, ME today, and discover why we have been trusted by local residents for 25 years.

Pine State Services is available by phone at (207) 747-1210, or you can click here to request backflow testing and prevention online.


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