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Providing Quality Electrical Rewiring Services in Portland

People often seek companies for electrical rewiring when they are doing a whole-home renovation or are building a new home. However, most homeowners do not consider they may need whole-house rewiring or electric panel changes, even if their house is only about 40 years old.

It is very important if you own an older home, or you cannot recall the last time you had your home’s electrical systems checked, to call Pine State Services at 207-883-1200 to schedule a service. You may not need an entire rewire—maybe your system simply needs a minor repair, replacement … or perhaps it won’t need anything at all! The point is that you won’t know until you have it inspected by one of our electricians.

Pine State Services Specializes In:

  • Whole-house rewiring
  • Aluminum wire removal and repair
  • Electrical rewiring of residential and commercial properties
  • Circuit tracing
  • Specialty and security lighting
  • G.F.I. receptacles
  • Electrical inspections
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Whole-house surge protection
  • Troubleshooting

Too many people put off getting an electrical inspection because the thought of needing an electrical rewiring service is enough to stress a person out. But it is not an massive project—at least not for professionals, such as Pine State Services.

It is incredibly important to care for your electrical systems. Make sure your home is adequately equipped to manage your family’s electrical requirements. If you reside in the Portland area, reach out to Pine State Services today to schedule an appointment.

Electrical rewiring isn’t just a thing you need when something major in your house malfunctions. Your system will inevitably wear out with time, especially in houses that are 40 years or older. This happens much faster when the circuits are overloaded. Due to modern technology, our households have more electrical appliances and gadgets than ever before—but our electrical systems are the same! It’s easy for them to quickly become overloaded.

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Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Rewiring

  • Your home is at least 40 years old.
  • You can’t remember the last time (if ever) you had an electrician inspect your home.
  • The breakers and fuses often go out in your home.
  • Your lights flicker, particularly when you power on an appliance. This means your circuit is overloaded.
  • It sounds like your outlet is buzzing.
  • You can smell a burning stench, but there is no visible spark or fire.
  • You sense a shock, or even a faint tingling, when you touch an appliance.

Are you aware circuits are reusable, but when fuses blow they need to be replaced? Do you realize most electrical systems in older homes use aluminum wiring, which is a safety hazard? Faulty wiring is the main cause of residential fires. Just because your lights work and your refrigerator is running and keeps your food cold does not mean there is not a deeper problem that could put your safety at risk. The older your home, and the longer you put off an electrical inspection, the higher the risk.

Feel Peace of Mind with Pine State Services

When it comes to welcoming someone into your home or property, we recognize the uneasy feeling that can come with it. That’s why at Pine State Services, we go above and beyond to ensure your safety and security.

Rest assured, every technician at Pine State Services goes through a nationwide criminal background check and drug screening before joining our company.

When our service technicians arrive at your home, they will be punctual, driving a Pine State Services vehicle, dressed in a tidy Pine State Services uniform and proudly displaying their Pine State Services ID badge.

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond just providing excellent service. We also will leave the space clean and tidy, treating your home and belongings with the utmost care, just as we would if we were working in our own home.

Choose Pine State Services for a worry-free and trustworthy experience. Make your appointment by calling 207-883-1200 today.