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Feel Comfortable with Our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed AC Service in Portland

Air conditioning plays a huge role in how you feel at home, and even more so when any service on it is guaranteed. If your system needs to be replaced, tuned up, or even repaired in an emergency, the ACE-certified pros at Service Experts Total Home Comfort are happy to assist. And we put our work on full display with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Air Conditioning Services

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AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance can boost performance and energy efficiency. You’ll keep your cooling in the best possible condition with air conditioning maintenance.

AC Repair

Get the fast, long-term air conditioning repair work you deserve. Local Experts are waiting to assist you in finding the right solution.

AC Installation

After we’ve recommended a new air conditioning system, trust our Expert technicians to install and test it to ensure it functions properly.

AC Replacement

An updated AC system can offer greater efficiency and advanced features. Request Expert assistance with new air conditioning replacement.

Our Cooling Solutions

  • Air Conditioners

    • Purchasing or Replacing an Air Conditioner

      Central air conditioners offer more powerful and energy-efficient cooling than ever. Get the Expert service you are worthy of.

    • Lease an Air Conditioner with Our Advantage Program™

      Cut to the top of the line with our 24/7/365 top priority service, seasonal preventative AC maintenance and future repair work.**

  • Heat Pumps

    • Purchasing or Repairing a Heat Pump

      Heat pumps are cutting-edge, energy-efficient means to warm and cool your home. Get the Expert service you need.

    • Lease a Heat Pump with Our Advantage Program™

      Cut to the top of the line with our 24/7/365 top priority service, seasonal preventative heat pump maintenance and future repair work.

  • Mini-Splits

    • Buying or Replacing a Mini-Split

      Ductless mini-split systems offer reliable comfort in a compact design. Get the Expert service you are worthy of.

  • Packaged HVAC Systems

    • Buying or Repairing a Packaged System

      Packaged HVAC systems are reliable, all-in-one comfort solutions in compact spaces or commercial uses. Get the Expert service you’re entitled to.

    • Lease Packaged HVAC Systems with Our Advantage Program

      Move to the top of the line with our 24/7/365 top priority service, routine preventative maintenance and future repair work.

  • Geothermal

    • Purchasing or Repairing a Geothermal HVAC System

      Using geothermal power for your heating and cooling needs is a great method to conserve energy. Get the Expert service you’re looking for.

  • Solar

    • Buying or Repairing a Solar System

      Making use of solar power for your HVAC system is incredibly energy efficient. Get the Expert service you’re looking for.

  • Our Advantage Program™—A Big Plus for Your Home and Budget

    For no down payment and one low monthly payment, our Advantage Program provides you with installation of a new, leased HVAC system and provides all the primary  HVAC services you could need.

    We offer several plans, so you can select the one that fits your needs for your comfort and your finances. Sign up for the Advantage Program to enjoy benefits like:

    • Guaranteed priority service and installation
    • 100% parts AND labor coverage**
    • Regularly preventative service
    • Swap out air filters
    • And many more benefits
  • A membership plan with Service Experts Total Home Comfort™ gives you all-around access to our local ACE-certified help. Check out our membership plans right now!
    Questions About Our Membership Plans?

    Give us a call at 207-883-1200 and we’ll be happy to provide more details.

Feel Comfortable with Our Highly Trained Expert Service 

With top-notch cooling services from Service Experts Total Home Comfort, you can be assured that rise above the heat. Our experienced team is prepared to solve all your cooling needs, from seamless installation to fast AC repair.

For an instant stress reliever, enroll in one of our maintenance membership plans to stretch your air conditioner’s lifespan and keep your cool, summer after summer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get some info:
  • Small tasks like replacing the air filter as well as keeping your equipment maintained can go a long way in increasing energy efficiency. Check out our full guide for cost savings you can earn by keeping your HVAC system healthy.

  • Central AC systems are ducted HVAC products that draw out heat from your house. There are also heat pump air conditioners, which draw out heat with a reversible flow of coolant, as well as ductless mini- split systems.

  • The ideal sized air conditioner depends on the size of your home, the local climate and also many other factors. You need to correctly size the AC system to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

  • British thermal units are a type of measurement used in A/C to illustrate how much energy your AC unit needs to absorb heat. If it mentions 10,000 BTUs, the system is capable of absorbing that much heat each hour.

  • Routine maintenance is extremely beneficial for your air conditioner. While it’s not strictly required, it’s an excellent investment in the energy efficiency and overall performance of your HVAC system. In most cases, having regular maintenance and service also keeps the manufacturer’s warranty legitimate.

  • Ductless air conditioning doesn’t use air ducts to transport cool air through a building. Instead, indoor air units blow the conditioned air directly into the room or area they’re installed in.

  • SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which determines how effectively your air conditioner is cooling over its busiest season. It’s a ratio of the cooling output of an air conditoning or heat pump divided by the energy it uses. As of 2023, SEER2 is the new standard due to updated efficiency regulations.

  • Heat pumps are very energy efficient, but may start to lose efficiency in severely cold weather. Check out our guide for figuring out if a heat pump or air conditioner is right for cooling your home.

  • The cost of air conditioning services depends on the make and model, the extent of the problem and other factors. For many common repairs, you might expect to pay a few hundred for parts and labor.

**For HVAC Service Memberships, certain warranty exclusions and limitations apply. See your signed agreement for full terms and conditions. For the Advantage Program™, please see your signed Advantage Program Agreement for full details and exclusions. Lease with approved credit; visit for details.

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