4 Signs it’s Time to Replace your Boiler

Is your boiler in need of replacing? Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning is here with some signs to look for when deciding whether it’s time to invest in a new boiler


If your condensing boiler gets routine maintenance, you can expect it to last about 15 years or so. Cast iron boilers can last decades, even up to 50 years with proper maintenance. If your condensing boiler is almost 15 years or your cast iron boiler is getting close to 50 years, it may be time to discuss an upgrade. 


If your heating bills are rising or you’re having to maintain your boiler more often, it could be because it’s time to purchase a new, more efficient boiler. 


If you see yellow flames on the gas burners and black soot on oil burners it could be an indicator that the fuel is not burning properly and could be producing carbon monoxide. If you notice these issues or have any concerns regarding carbon monoxide in your home, you should call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning or your gas company as soon as possible. 


If some of the rooms in your home are too warm or too cool and you can’t seem to control them correctly or get them comfortable, it could be that your boiler is not effective anymore and you might need to look into upgrade alternatives. 

Think it’s time to get a new boiler? Give Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning a call and we’ll come out and give you a no-charge in-home estimate!