5 Signs You Need a New Water Heater

You might be surprised at how easy it is to be unaware of your water heater’s age, or how challenging it can be to spot an issue before it creates damage. 

There are several indications that you can take advantage of to monitor the state of your water heater. You’ll want to be watching for them to keep your equipment in the top condition. 

Here are five possible signs it could be time to replace your water heater in the U.S.

1. It’s Starting to Show Its Age 

Much like the other important appliances inside your home, your water heater has a definite life expectancy. When it approaches the end, it will function much less efficiently and may be costlier to repair than replacing it. 

The typical water heater life expectancy is around six to eight years. You won’t want your water heater to be in use for past 10 years, because this can result in costly damage in your home if it fails. 

There’s always a potential for your water heater to run into issues earlier than this time, so take note of anything that appears strange. 

2. Rust is Starting to Appear 

Rust is generally an indication your water heater needs to be checked. Rust is corrosive and could swiftly expand to other components. This can create a leak or other malfunctions. If you observe a little on the tank or pipes, contact a licensed professional. 

3. Limited Warm Water 

If your water heater is having difficulty heating water, that’s an apparent sign an upgrade is necessary. Your heater may not be able to create any hot water because of too much sediment. The tank capacity could also be too small for the volume of water your family requires. 

This is very true for larger homes. The speedier you deplete hot water, the more important it is to evaluate getting a new one. 

4. You’re Hearing Odd Noises 

Your water heater isn’t silent. If you begin to notice banging noises coming from the tank on a frequent basis, that may mean a part isn’t secure. 

Strange sounds could also suggest there’s junk building up on top of the tank’s base. Large amounts of buildup could push your water heater to work harder and increase your utility bills as a result. 

Listen carefully if you begin to note any strange noises, and call our team ASAP. 

5. Unexpected Leaks 

If you discover puddles or dark areas around your water heater, it’s a smart time to consider installing a new unit ASAP. 

These leaks are frequently caused by little splits in the tank itself. The longer you put it off, the more likely you’ll experience a crisis when the tank malfunctions. (You can avoid a messy tank failure later on by getting a tankless water heater, which doesn’t store water.) 

Water damage is pricey to take care of and a trouble you shouldn’t have to deal with. 

If your water heater is on its way out, or in serious need of professional repairs, contact the Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing pros at 866-397-3787. You may also book an appointment by contacting us online

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