Preferred Customer Club

Preferred Customer Clubs

Keeping Your Maine Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical Systems in Excellent Working Order 

Purchasing a Preferred Customer Club membership with Pine State Services gives you priority status, peace of mind, and preferred pricing. In short, it keeps you covered and saves you money! It’s essentially a VIP program, where we put you to the top of the line and give you outstanding customer service, value and priority over non club members. During extreme weather in Maine, having a company that you are a member of has huge benefits-the biggest being that we will ANSWER the phone and handle your emergency ASAP. We know that paying for a membership must have value to you, and the service we offer delivers when you need it most.

Our team works around the clock for our Preferred Customers, we’ve been even known to drive to Boston same day to grab parts for customers that had Emergencies! We want your experience with our company to be extraordinary. We want great reviews and we want you to brag about your new shiny boiler in the basement! We want to be the company you rely on year after year. It’s extremely important that we make you happy and our Preferred Customer Club helps do just that.

We are able to offer our customers a variety of benefits with our Preferred Customer Clubs, including:

  • Peace of Mind: Preferred Customer Clubs save you a significant amount of money on your annual inspections! If we notice a potential problem during our inspection, we can correct it immediately and reduce your repair costs. In addition, this prompt action may prevent more costly and serious problems in the future.
  • Preferred Treatment: Pine State Services will update your account to PC (Preferred Customer) status with a large RED TAG alerting our customer account managers of your status when you call or book an apt. Should you need emergency service, your Preferred Customer Club entitles you to preferential treatment over other customers. Non-Preferred customers do not have access to Emergency Technicians. (no big deal, if you’re a current customer and you need emergency service, we just ask you to purchase a membership when we send out the emergency technician)
  • Preferred Pricing and Price Protection: You will get 15% discounted pricing on most service repairs made during your Preferred Customer Club period. Your agreement price cannot be raised during the effective dates. You’ll know the price before we do the work. We charge by the job, not the hour, so you save money!
  • One Year Warranty: In addition to any manufacture warranty, any part we install for a Preferred Customer gets a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Service Fee: Save with reduced service fee’s. As a member of our club membership, you’ll only pay $49 instead of $89 to send a licensed technician out to you.

Contact us today at (207) 747-1210 to find out more about Preferred Customer Club pricing and how you can purchase one during your next service visit! Our home service experts in the Portland area can help you.

See What Our Clients Are Saying We Aren't Happy Until You Are!
  • “They do quality work and the techs are always nice. They look out for the customer by asking a question or two to make sure that you don't get charged for an unnecessary visit.” - Bette K.
  • “It was truly a pleasure in all of my interactions with him, and it is my feeling that his attention to detail on this install could not have been exceeded!” - Evan
  • “All in all, he made what could have been a disruptive experience into one of the smoothest jobs I've ever had done.” - Gerry S.
  • “Came to my house on time, and did everything I needed really quickly, and to my satisfaction.” - Ken C.
  • “I left a service request online at midnight and was called before 8:30 in the morning.” - Mandy S.