Why Are There Pink Stains in My Toilet?


You may have seen it in your home or maybe at a family member’s home. A pinkish, orange-colored ring around the water line in the toilet bowl. But what is this pink ring? And should you be worried about it?

What is the pink ring?

This ring isn’t rust, or mineral deposits like some may think. This ring of color is actually caused by a bacteria called Serratia Marcescens. This bacteria is usually considered harmless in the home, though all bacteria is generally something to remove.

Where does the pink ring come from?

Serratia Marcescens is an anaerobic bacteria, which means it doesn’t require oxygen to stay alive. Anywhere water pools for long periods of time — such as around the tub, around sink faucets, and at the base of your shower curtain — is an area where bacteria can thrive.

NOTE: Some homeowners may worry about their quality of water when they spot a pink ring, however, the Serratia Marcescens bacteria is present in the air and doesn’t mean that your water is tainted.

How to Remove the Pink Ring in a Toilet Bowl

The best way to remove the pink ring in a toilet bowl is to combat it with a stiff-bristled brush and chlorine bleach. It can be tempting to take a scouring pad or metal scrubber to the toilet bowl to remove the residue, but ultimately this will just scratch the bowl and lead to more problems down the road. Keep an eye on the bowl and clean it frequently to keep the bacteria at bay!

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