How to Prepare Your Property for Heavy Rain


Spring is just around the corner! Even though we're a few months away, there's never a bad time to get your home prepared for the rainy season.

Why should I worry about drainage?

Proper drainage in and around your home helps to prevent flooding. During the rainy season, we're not only getting large amounts of water from the sky, but snowmelt is also in the process of melting. Without proper drainage, when these two things converge, it can cause major problems for your home.

How to Manage Rain Runoff

The soil you have around your home and the kind of landscape you're working with will both play major roles in the best ways to divert excess water from your home. Here are some common solutions to properly manage water runoff:

  • Rain garden. A rain garden may be the better solution for homeowners who like to make use of natural rainfall. These gardens are typically created in the natural pockets and dips around your property. Instead of having a massive puddle of dead or dying grass, these gardens make use of the water to grow hardy plants that are cost (and energy) effective.
  • French drain. This solution is a simple solution for any home. Typically built on a slope, the french drain consists of a perforated pipe placed in a trench. The trench is covered in rocks or gravel, which allows water to seep through more slowly than soil. When the water fills the trend, it flows down the pipe and out to the designated exit.
  • Grading. Grading typically requires a professional's assistance and results in creating a man-made slope on your property to divert excess water from flood-prone areas.

Managing the water around your home is a smart and essential way to protect your home's foundation.

Another important tip? Make sure to get your sump pump checked over by professionals to ensure it's ready to handle heavy rain! Contact Pine State Services at (207) 747-1210 to schedule your appointment with our pros today.