How Electrical Surges Can Affect Your Home

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Thunder and lightning can be scary or exciting, depending on your view. While losing power can be a hassle, it can also cause a lot of damage to your electrical system, property, and electronic appliances.

How Surges Hurt Homes

Typical electronics operate at a 120-volt alternating current. During a power outage, currents can spike past the peak voltage of common electrical equipment (typically 169 volts). This sudden spike in voltage can instantly overload, and short electronics and anything else plugged into the wall.

From one severe surge, you could lose all of your appliances and electronics that were plugged in at the time, along with your expensive HVAC equipment. In extreme cases, electrical surges that cause an electrical fire could even cost you your home.

Common Causes of Electrical Surges

Some common causes of electrical surges include:

  • Power grid switching and repairs by utility companies
  • Large electrical devices or appliances (such as your HVAC unit) turning on and off
  • Lightning strikes

How to Protect Your Home from Surges

Protecting your home from electrical surges is sim[ple with proper preparation.

Surge Protection Devices

Plug in all electrical devices and appliances into surge protection devices (SPDs) rather than directly into the wall. SPDs can help protect your equipment and prevent damage during smaller surges.

Service Your Electrical System

For those with old electrical systems, the smallest of surges can damage electrical equipment and the electrical system itself. Have your electrical system inspected if you haven’t done so in the last few years. For those living in older homes, you may want to consider an annual inspection or a replacement if necessary.

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