Efficient Heating Options for Your Home


Cozy Season

With the fall here and winter not too far away, you might be finding yourself cranking up the heat more often to get cozier. Getting cozy in this cool weather is always a fun time, but make sure you choose the most energy-efficient way to heat your home. Not only can you reduce your carbon footprint by choosing a more energy-efficient option, but you can save money on your heating bills every month! Here are some options you can consider for your home this fall.

Heat Pumps

You may have heard of a heat pump, but it essentially is a heating device that takes a heat source and uses it to warm or cool an area. That’s right, heat pumps, despite their name, can cool your home in the summer. Heat pumps can save you money on your energy bills and operate less energy than traditional wood-burning or gas-based heating systems. Heat pumps also qualify you for a rebate! That’s right; if you install a heat pump with one of our pros, we can help guide you on how your system can qualify you for a rebate.

Thermostat Upgrade

Now we know a thermostat is not the device heating your home, but a good thermostat can also improve your heating system’s energy efficiency. Old dial analog thermostats may work, but they are not as accurate as modern-day digital thermostats. The advantage of a smart thermostat is its accuracy in temperature control, leading you to use your heating system a lot less when you don’t need extra warmth. On top of accuracy, smart thermostats can help track your energy usage and cut down on your energy bills, as well as put less strain on your heating system.

Furnaces And Boilers

While heat pumps are great, you can also opt-in for a furnace or boiler that can be less costly upfront and still save you money. A furnace could be thousands of dollars cheaper than some alternative heating systems like your heat pump. Newer boilers and gas furnaces can operate quite efficiently to save you money on your monthly bills.

Floor Heating And More

While controlling the heat of your home’s air is important, sometimes you want to be comfortable. With heated flooring, you can walk around your home, never needing to worry about loud radiators or rushing to get a pair of socks to step in the kitchen. Radiant floor heating systems can be up to 30 percent more efficient than forced-air heating, so you save money and stay comfortable.

No matter which you choose, at Pine State Services we offer installation and repairs for all these options! Give us a call at (207) 747-1210, and we can help keep your home warm this fall and save you money!

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