Follow These BBQ Tips for Healthy Drains

Grill food.

This summer you may be taking more time to cook outside and enjoy smoked and barbecued meats, grilled fruit, and other summer favorites. As you get ready to clean up after your next outdoor meal, be especially careful of what you put down the garbage disposal.

BBQ Foods That Wreak Havoc on Garbage Disposals

Foods that are very hard or particularly fibrous are bad news for your kitchen garbage disposal. Hard foods can break, jam, or dull the disposal’s blades. Fibrous foods wind around the blades, keeping the disposal from working effectively and contributing to massive clogs over time.

Some of the worst garbage disposal offenders are foods that are frequently eaten in the summer at outdoor barbecues. A few examples of problematic foods for disposals include the following:

  • Corn husks and corn cobs

  • Potato skins

  • Cherry and peach pits

  • Bones from meats

  • Watermelon rinds

  • Pasta

  • Celery

What You Can Do Instead

Of course, there will be plenty of times this summer when you need to get rid of food scraps following a picnic or outdoor event. Rather than shove it down your garbage disposal, you can either throw it in a trash bag for your weekly pick-up or start a compost heap for an environmentally friendly approach. Compost heaps are actually a lot easier to deal with than you might think.

If you find yourself dealing with a kitchen drain clog this summer, you can turn to the plumbing professionals at Pine State Services for help. Whether your drain is clogged by bones, grease, and stringy food or your garbage disposal is no longer working as effectively as it once did, professionals can help you get your kitchen plumbing in working order in no time. To schedule your appointment, call (207) 747-1210.

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