Seven Tips to Select a Heat Pump Installer in Maine

Is Your Contractor Licensed?

Technical EPA and or Oil Journeyman licenses are required Maine to install heating and cooling equipment with refrigeration in the state of Maine. If you need to have new electrical lines run, you will need to enlist the services of a licensed electrician. Very few heat pump installation technicians are licensed in electrical, if any at all, so this will probably be an extra step you’ll need to undertake if you need new electrical as a part of your heat pump installation.

Some heat pump installers work with licensed electricians or have a chosen subcontractor they work with for these types of jobs. Ask your contractor about this and see who will be performing the electrical upgrades for your new system. Pine State Services has upwards to 50 technicians with various licenses, meaning we NEVER send an unlicensed and untrained installer to your home. We are also one of a select few companies to have licensed electricians on staff at all times. If need be, we have a Master Electrician we can outsource to during particularly busy days.

Is Your Contractor a Qualified Partner with Efficiency Maine?

All installers need to be listed as Qualified Partners with Efficiency Maine in order for you to receive a rebate on your new system. You cannot submit for rebates without a signature proving a qualified contractor installed the heat pump system. Qualified Partners have to stay up to date with current legislation, rebates and funding by undergoing monthly webinars and yearly training.

Pine State Services has five team members that are Qualified Partners with Efficiency Maine and instruct and guide the other employees on changes, updates and news regarding Efficiency Maine rebates and funding.

Is Your Contractor Available for Emergency Services?

What happens week, a month, or even several years after your installation is completed when something stops working properly? Will your contractor be available to send someone to help you in an emergency? On Christmas Eve, with a house full of quests, will the contactor answer your distress call?

We have found this to be a big problem for customers that try to use a smaller, cheaper outfit to install their heat pump. They don’t think to ask about the warranty their contractor puts on their new system or whether emergency services will be available in the future.

After-hours emergency service is what Pine State Services is known for. We are extremely reliable, dependent and have full teams that are scheduled around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction. We will 100% guarantee emergency service availability for any heat pump we install. We always remain loyal to the customers who have been loyal to us.

Are Your Contractor’s Technicians Factory-Trained?

Factory training is an extremely important way for technicians to really get hands-on experience and training on new equipment and learn new techniques that they will be using to service your home. You want your technician to have done what you need them to do before, and training is where this happens. This also helps technicians stay up to date on best practices and learn how to properly utilize new technology and product models.

Pine State Services sends technicians directly to Mitsubishi factory training every year. We are required to do this as a part of our Diamond Dealer status, but we would choose to do so anyway because being good at your craft only makes our company more successful. We also host specific manufacturer training in our own training facility right here in Westbrook. We want your job done right the first time!

How Long Has Your Contractor Been Installing Heat Pumps?

How long has your contractor been installing heat pumps? Contractors should have substantial hands-on experience with this technology and have multiple completed installations they can point to, both as an apprentice and as an installer. Every technician should be willing to discuss this thoroughly, and any that seem hesitant to talk about it probably aren’t really who you want installing your system.

Pine State Services has been installing heat pumps for over 15 years. We were installing them well before they were all the rage, and we know how to make this technology work perfectly in your home. Our lead technicians go thru extensive in-house training before being sent out into the field, and each completes at least six months of riding along as an apprentice before being promoted to their own truck with the title of Lead Installer.

Does Your Installer Have a Service Department?

Maintenance is an important part of HVAC system ownership. Any quality installer should be able to provide maintenance for your heat pump after the installation has been completed—you’ll want annual maintenance to ensure your system is in good condition, so make sure your installation contractor has a full service department.

Pine State Services has a comprehensive service department with over 20 licensed technicians that service heat pumps. We have a team dedicated to cleaning and maintaining these systems as well as several more senior technicians who are experts in diagnostics and repairs. Whether you have a small home heat pump or a large series of heat pumps for your business, we offer the right maintenance solutions for your needs.

Does Your Installer Do Anything Else Besides Heat Pumps?

Is your installer a one-trick-pony specialist or do they offer a full range of heating and cooling services? We find this to be extremely important. Heat pumps are cool and we love them, but they are not for every application. That’s why at Pine State Services does so much more than heat pump sales and installations. In addition to heat pumps, we also offer furnace services and so much more so we can help you get the right solution for your best interest. Because we are not restricted in what we can offer, we want to make sure our customers are comfortable, making good choices and we can feel good about offering other solutions when needed.

Take advantage of Efficiency Maine’s heat pump rebate program by calling the pros at Pine State Services at (207) 747-1210 today.