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Pine State Services is excited and proud to announce that we are an official Accredited Bosch, Contractor! Choosing an Accredited Bosch Contractor (ABC) to install your Bosch product gives you an Additional One-year Extended Warranty on all products eligible for the accredited program. Only Accredited Bosch Contractors can offer the One-Year Extended Warranty. Accredited Bosch Contractors are Trained & Accredited by Bosch Thermotechnology.

With only 2 ABC contractors in our area, it’s a title we’re proud to show off. We truly stand behind Bosch Heating products. They deliver outstanding efficient boilers. Now with an extended warranty exclusive to our customers, we really have a lot of positive things to share!

On this blog, we want to showcase Bosch’s Greenstar Condensing boiler. The Greenstar boiler by Bosch is small in size but big in features. It is ultra quiet, space-saving, environmentally friendly, uses modern condensing technology and offers a superior industry warranty. All at a great price!

But more importantly, it will keep your home warm and comfortable. The Greenstar is available in two models-combi for space and tankless water heating or the space heating model which can be used with their domestic hot water tanks. The Greenstar is Bosch quality and innovation at its finest.

Bosch’s Greenstar boiler is 95% AFUE efficient which means it qualifies for Efficiency Maine’s Home Energy Savings Program. You get $500 back on the installation and you qualify for $150 Energy Tax Credit. With Pine State’s $300 web coupon for new install projects, you’re looking at a combination of $950 in savings! Add that to the amount of fuel you’ll be saving year after year and this boiler just makes sense.

But don’t take our word for it! We’d love to introduce you to customers in your area that has also purchased this boiler and you can hear from them why they are so impressed. Our new showroom/training center is almost re-built and then you’ll be able to once again visit our office to experience efficient heating and cooling systems first hand. We believe you need to be educated thoroughly about your heating options and a showroom is a perfect place to share that information. Please contact us with any questions.

Customer Testimonial:

“Hi Lee,
The guys who were out here today, Mark and another fellow, did another great job. I just wanted to let you konw how much I appreciate that everyone from Pine State who has come out to our house has been incredibly polite and patient. They leave everything clean and work hard the whole time they are here. They work around my kids and pets and mess and just focus on getting their work done. If you ever need a customer testimonial, please let me know!

Bosch Green Star Boilers

Bosch Greenstar with 3 zones of heat

Another Customer Testimonial:

“Thanks Lee,

Beau was outstanding and John was quite good as well. They did an excellent job and you have a very strong reference here should you want to use us.

Please do use the same CC for the final payment and thanks again for a prompt and excellent job execution.

Best Regards,


Tech gurus will enjoy the Greenstar specs and features shown below:


  • Wall mounted-no floor space required
  • Easy to install-hydronic manifold and integral pump make installation quick and easy
  • Fully modulating fan with 5 to 1 turndown for optimal combustion efficiency
  • Combi models provide space heating and tankless DHW flow rate up to 4 GPM
  • Superior Warranty-10 Year full/limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty and Limited 5 –years (oh wait-6 years with our accreditation!) parts and labor.

Design Features:

  • Al-Si heat exchanger Each unit features an ASME approved Al-Si heat exchanger constructed of advanced Magnesium-Aluminum-Silicon alloy – offering increased flexibility versus traditional stainless steel. They are equipped with highly durable heating blocks that are corrosion resistant and designed to optimize clean burning combustion over an extra large surface area, which requires minimal servicing and reliance on spare parts during the boiler’s lifetime.
  • Plated stainless steel heat exchanger All Greenstar Combi boilers are equipped with a high-strength stainless steel secondary exchanger and burner with double passage – ensuring consistent temperature output based on demand. The DHW hot water temperature control limit of 140°F helps prevent scale build-up within the heat exchanger.
  • Full modulating fan assembly A full modulating fan automatically increases or decreases its speed according to the amount of gas coming into the boiler depending on the heat demand. This process, called modulation, prevents the boiler from either having too little or too much air in the unit for optimal combustion – ensuring high efficiency.

Product Specs:

Greenstar Combi 100

Performance Specifications

Input Maximum (MBH)100.8
Input Minimum (MBH)34.6
DOE Heating Capacity (MBH)89.4
Net I=B=R (MBH)79
DHW Flow Max (ΔT at 72°F)2.65 GPM
Water Volume0.952 Gal. (3.5 L)
Technical DataTechnical Data
Weight (without packaging)110.2 Lbs. (50 kg)
Dimensions (w x h x d)17.4″ x 33.5″ x 13.9″
Minimum Recommeded Pipe Size1″
Supply Tappings1″
Return Tappings1″
Domestic Hot Water Supply¾”
Domestic Cold Water Supply¾”
Gas Connection Size¾”
Vent Size2″ – 3″
Vent MaterialPVC / CPVC / PP
Combustion Air Size2″ – 3″
High Altitude CapabilityNo De-Rating up to 6,000′
Gas Pressure Minimum w.c.NG 3.5″ – LP 8″
Included Package ContentsIncluded Package Contents
AI-Si Heat Exchanger
3 Speed Grundfos Integrated Pump
Integrated Expansion Vessel3.17 Gal (12 L)
FW200 Weather Compensation Control
Heatronic III – Control PCB
Hydronics Manifold Bracket with NPT Connection
Twin Pipe Flue Adapter
Tank Sensor
System Supply Sensor
NG / LP Conversion Kit
Condensate Trap Drain Hose
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