Converting to Gas Heat

Everyone is talking about gas….My coworker, my cousin even the Governor….How do I get on board?

Many home and business owners are at wit's end with the cost of heating their homes and workplaces. There are two things we can all do; use less fuel or use less expensive fuel. Currently natural gas is 35-50% less expensive than #2 heating oil. This alone can greatly impact the cost of getting through Maine’s long winters.

But not everyone can access natural gas. The first step is to contact your local Utility to determine if you have access to it. Click to be connected to Unitil or Maine Natural Gas. If you find you do have access give us a call. If Natural Gas isn’t an option don’t despair… LP or Propane Gas, Natural Gas’s cousin, another clean-burning fuel that comes from the same source is available to most all Mainers. We can help you with a source for LP through our partnering fuel supplier.

Unitil: Portland, Westbrook, South Portland, Scarborough, Biddeford, Lewiston/Auburn

Maine Natural Gas: Gorham, Windham, Brunswick, Freeport, and Bath, Topsham & Pownal

Both fuel’s biggest attributes are their clean burning characteristics. This allows us to use high-efficiency equipment that lowers your overall consumption of fuel because of its 95%+/- efficiency. LP or Propane gas is also at a very competitive price and can be used for all the same appliances as natural gas.

So remember, strive for a lower fuel price, lower consumption rate (fewer BTUs) or best of all, both! Give Jim or Lee, one of our experienced Systems Engineers a call at (207) 747-1210 for more assistance on finding out what the best option is for your home or business.

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