Winslow Homer Studio Renovations

Winslow Homer Studio

On September 25, 2012, the Portland Museum of Art opened the Winslow Homer Studio to the public for the first time. One of the most significant locations in the history of American art, the Studio, located at Prouts Neck, Maine, is where the great American artist Winslow Homer (1836-1910) lived and painted many of his masterpieces from 1883 until his death.

Pine State Services working with Marc Truant & Associates, construction managers, and Mills Whitaker Architects had the great opportunity to complete the plumbing and HVAC portions of the Winslow Homer Prouts Neck Studio Renovation. This highly acclaimed project took on the restoration and preservation of the great American Artist Winslow Homers Maine Studio. Beyond a National Historic Landmark, this site will act as a home for several new Portland Museum of Art programs as well as guided tours.

“The opening of the Winslow Homer Studio will be a pivotal moment in American art history. For the first time, visitors will be able to experience the Studio as it was during Homer’s time and discover the actual location where he created his best-known paintings,” said PMA Director Mark H. C. Bessire. “The Studio is truly a cultural treasure.”

The design of the plumbing and HVAC called for a heating, ventilation and humidification system that would be efficient, effective, reliable and yet invisible to the visitors of the Studio. Installing a system with all of today’s efficiency advantages yet unnoticeable took critical planning and Pine State Services’ finest craftsmen. The system utilizes Triangle Tube’s Prestige Excellence gas boiler to provide heating and domestic hot water. The system distributes the heating and humidification using two air handlers with hot water heating coils and a balanced and insulated duct system. We were able to make the air distribution blend with the finished spaces by using inconspicuously located grills and diffusers. The new air grills and diffusers were hand selected to feature antique designs and finishes.

Can you see signs of our high-efficiency heating system?

The newly restored Studio also includes a full bathroom and new kitchenette. These areas feature bathroom fixtures that have efficient low water flow yet are reminiscent of turn of the century designs. They include a beautiful claw foot tub with classic tub feet and faucet features.

What made the project unique was its attention to historic preservation as well as limited space. All the new mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems had to be located in a newly constructed basement that was built under the newly remodeled 8’x16′ West Addition. With careful design, planning and collaboration between tradesman, space was able to house these systems and still allow for room to complete ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

Pine State Services is proud of the work we did in helping to preserve such a rich cultural jewel for the residents & guests of Maine. Portland Museum of Art has taken on an imperative and relevant project and succeeded. Congratulations to a job well done!

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