Tradesman and blogging…really?

I really had to sell the concept of a blog to my team and explain the importance of having one. Our company is full of men and the only excitement about technology has to do with compressors and new ultra-efficient technology.  That is all fantastic, but as only one of two females and as the Marketing Manager, I get excited about technology that has to do with smartphones and Adobe software. YouTube, Facebook, and a Blog are right up my ally, but a far stretch for most plumbers and heating tradesman.

The purpose behind a blog really goes hand in hand with the purpose and mission of our company though. At Pine State, part of our mission is to educate our customers and help them understand the technology in our field. Give them the tools to be able to make the right decision on the systems in their home. Provide the research and examples of why we choose the equipment we install and why we’re the best at installing and maintaining it. Most of my struggle in marketing this company is finding ways to share my team’s passion for what they do. I really think this new blog will finally be able to do that. How else can we best share our knowledge on a variety of topics and be a resource for our customers?

My team is now actually excited to “start blogging” well, I’m sure the word excited may not be completely accurate…but I am convinced they will look forward to it. Who knows, this could be the start to a magazine column or book-you just never know.

Thanks for taking an interest in our new blog. I hope that we can showcase our talents and prove that we are the experts in our field in Maine.  We will work hard to make the blog relevant, interesting and helpful. We welcome your input on new topics to discuss and hope that you enjoy our voice on subjects retaining to our industry.


Jennifer Walton
Marketing Manager

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