Pine State is proud to announce the GRAND OPENING of our new TRAINING CENTER. Al Levi, a columnist for Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine, helped us create this training center and he's built over 40 different training centers all over this country for all different trades. He said,"This is the very best training center I've ever seen or been involved with by far!"

In our center we are showcasing high efficient equipment and different types of heating and cooling systems. Not sure what a Hybrid Furnace is? What does Radiant Floors really feel like? All your questions and more can be found in our training center. We encourage you to schedule a tour and meet one of our System Engineers who will educate you on "Greener" ways to heat, cool and plumb your home or business.

Our Training Center has recently been highlighted by the editors at MaineBiz. Just click the link and you'll be directed to the full story.

Pine State Technicians training on new equipment in Pine State University's TRAINING CENTER.

You'll be thrilled to know that our technicians get their training in house rather than at your home. Our technicians have helped to build this State-of-the-art facility and they are rightfully proud of it. Enjoy!