Over the years, we have gathered some fun photos. Feel free to peruse our gallery and send in pictures of work we've done that you'd like to share.

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Wall Hung Ultra Efficient Gas Boilers

This gallery has some great before and after photographs. Please call us if you would like more information about any of the types of installations you see here. Enjoy!

New Oil Burner Installations

Featuring High Efficiency Oil Boiler upgrades...looks great and helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Installation Photographs

Liquid sunshine! Pine State works with our strategic partner, IRC Solar Roof Systems, to install Solar Thermal (Hot Water) Flat Plate Collectors for a Senior Housing Center. The application of these Solar Panels can be for domestic hot water, under-floor heating, and swimming pool heating systems with a horizontal or vertical installation.

A sneak peak into a Training Session with the Pine State Install Team

You would think these guys were talking a different language when all put in a room like this! We put these guys on the job when you need service beyond just a repair.

Our State-of-the-Art Training Center!

Pine State technicians are the best in the industry. You'll be happy to know we train them here in our own center rather than in your home!

Truck Stocking Program

Ever wonder how our techs are so efficient and how they can get the job done right the first time? Well part of our success is that we have implemented a truck stocking program. Our fleet is fully stocked allowing us to save time, energy and money. Click the gallery and see what the inside of one of our trucks looks like.

Energy Audit with Efficiency Maine

Go, Get, Be...Green isn't just our motto. How can we educate and sell green without first being green ourselves? As part of our Green Initative, we had Efficiency Maine come to our offices and warehouses and do a full energy audit. Check out our Go, Get, Be...Green page of this site to learn more.

Getting it done!

Please enjoy a sampling of photographs showcasing our fine technicians hard at work. Remember to check back often as new photographs will be uploaded on a regular basis.

Additional Portfolio Images

This gallery showcases the quality and craftsmanship that Pine State puts into each and every installation.

Geothermal Heat Pumps and Bathroom Remodels

In the Community

Office Support

"Thank you for calling Pine State Services. This is Ozzy, how many I help you?"

Team Pine State

Please enjoy a sampling of photographs taken around the office, warehouse and sheet metal shop.

Pine State Trucks

You've seen them on the streets. Here's some close ups of the notable Pine State Trucks.

B5 Lower Sulfur Oil

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