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Warm Air

A Forced-air or Warm air heating system is one which uses air as its heat transfer medium. These systems use ductwork and vents as a means of air distribution. The furnace can produce heat from any number of fuels; gas, oil, electricity, wood, or coal, or a combination of any fuels.The return plenum carries the air from several large return grills (vents) to a central air handler for re-heating. The supply plenum directs heated air from the central unit to the rooms which the system is designed to heat.

Advantages of a Warm Air heating system:

Steam Heat

Steam heating systems are seldom installed now in small residential buildings but are still common in many older ones. They are simple in design and operation, but require a higher level of maintenance than modern residential heating systems.

Unless the steam system is in good working order and adequate plans can be made for its upkeep, consider replacing it with a more maintenance-free system.

If replacing your system is not in your budget, you do have options to make your current system more efficient. In older models, the steam heat systems were designed to work with coal. Today older models have likely been converted to use oil making them very costly to run and highly inefficient.

Consider upgrading or adding controls to help make your system more intelligent and thus maximize efficiency while putting money back in your pocket.

One particular control, the "MPCQ Platinum" by Heat-Timer® varies the duration of steam flow into the buildings radiation in accordance with changes in outdoor temperature by controlling up to 8 boiler Stages. This controller is perfect for our customers that own apartment buildings.

Contact our System Engineers for more information about heating systems and conversions.


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