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Pine State Services is proud to be an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner and a
Unitil Preferred Participating Contractor.

At Pine State Services, our 24-hour on-call service means you don't ever have to wait until morning to get your heat up and running again. Our uniformed servicemen are quick to arrive, they're all gas and oil-licensed, and knowledgeable in all high-efficiency heating systems.

From basic installation to general contract work, renovation, remodeling, or new construction, we can work with you to get your heating system in place.

Tired of those high energy bills? We have stayed on the cutting edge of the latest innovations in energy-efficient heating options for every home and budget:

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps as seen on an episode of, Ask this old house!
Check out how perfect this ductless heating and cooling system works for this hard to heat and cool area. As seen on this episode of "Ask This Old House". See more information on heating and cooling pumps below.

Pine State puts the finishing touches on a new Buderus Ultra-Efficient Gas Boiler conversion.

Read our recommended article on Retrofits.

  • Water Heat
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Warm Air
  • Steam Heat
  • Heat Pumps
  • Gas and Oil Heat Conversions

Pensotti Panel Radiator Maine Heating

Today's Modern Panel Radiator combines aesthetics with performance. Panels are available in dozens of shapes, sizes and colors. The market for European-style panel radiators continues to grow in North America. Pine State Services has installed many of these panels in our customers and personal homes in Maine. We highly recommend them and invite you into our office to experience them for yourself. Please take the time to read our recommended article about the Full Spectrum of Modern Panel Radiators by John Siegenthaler, P.E.

Contact our System Engineers for more information about heating systems and conversions.

Another option for efficient heat is a Ductless Heating and Cooling System.

Pine State is a Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi Ductless Systems. They systems are super efficient and Energy Star qualified.

More information on why we love to install Mitsubishi Ductless systems in our clients home and offices:

ENERGY STAR qualified ductless heating and cooling systems are highly efficient products that deliver warm or cool air directly into different zones in your home, instead of routing it through ducts first. You may also hear them called mini-split, multi-split, or variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pump systems. They are an increasingly popular, cost-effective solution to replace inefficient baseboard electric heating and window air conditioners in older homes. They are also used in new construction, home additions, multi-family (condo or apartment) housing, and to improve comfort in poorly heated or cooled rooms.

ENERGY STAR qualified ductless heating and cooling systems:
1. Save you money. Heating and cooling costs the average homeowner about $1,000 a year - nearly half the home's total energy bill. Replacing your system with an ENERGY STAR qualified model could cut your heating and cooling costs by 30%.

2. Give you more comfort and control. In traditional heating and cooling systems, you generally have one thermostat that controls the temperature of your entire home. With ductless heating and cooling systems, you can have control over the temperature of each zone.

3. Don't need ducts. No ducts are required. The indoor components (pictured above) are mounted directly on the wall. A variety of attractive options are available from ENERGY STAR partners. In houses with traditional forced-air heating and cooling systems, ducts are used to distribute conditioned air throughout the house. In a typical house, however, about 20 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. With ductless heating and cooling, duct losses are eliminated-improving comfort, and saving you money.

4. Can deliver both heating and cooling. Ductless heating and cooling systems are often a convenient, single solution for homes that formerly relied on electric baseboard heaters in the winter and window air conditioning units in the summer. However, in cold climates, consumers are advised to retain a supplemental heating system in case back-up heat is needed on very cold winter days. ENERGY STAR qualified AC-only systems are also available.

5. Are proven technology. Ductless heating and cooling systems have been around for over 30 years and are used widely throughout the world.

Schedule a tour of our showroom and see one working live..they are whisper quiet!

The Twelve Commandments of Comfort

An article by Richard Threthewey

Please take the time to review this "MUST READ" article before you consider upgrading your heating system. Please call us if you have any questions, we would be happy to discuss the article with you! Click here for our recommended article on heating systems.

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