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Basement flooding and sump pumps.

When storms or long periods of rain arrive home owners all hold their breath and hope water doesn’t fill their basement. After months of enduring bitter cold and snow, things finally start to warm up. Rain showers wash away the filth that had been covered by layers of ice and snow. However, with that rain comes a new set of problems. Flooding basements. A flooded basement is a major problem and can be a very costly one too. Here are the issues and some ways to solve them. Continue reading

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Did you know you can get sick from ice cubes?

It’s a scary thought. Ice cubes can be contaminated with food poisoning bacteria. Since ice produced by your ice maker will be consumed, the ice machine is considered a food contact surface area. Following manufacturer’s instructions, clean and sanitize it … Continue reading

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Tradesman and blogging…really?

I really had to sell the concept of a blog to my team and explain the importance of having one. Our company is full of men and the only excitement about technology has to do with compressors and new ultra … Continue reading

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